Pills & Spilt Milk

from by Scatterboxx



Track 3 off 'Hypomanic Carnival'.


{“Pills & Spilt Milk”.}

…pills & spilt milk fill acrylic fabric.
real bad habits trapped in a filthy mattress.
drills & hatchets to build quills to draft with.
now i kill bills, slashing skilled assassins.
five-part palm exploding-heart technique, as i
come through samurai-style, slow but steady.
messy, grubbing cookie crumbs off the basement floor
while i’m huffing glue hopped up on some agent orange.
& when it rains it pours, so shit i’m eating shrooms
’til i’m playing peek-a-boo with Pikachu & Beetlejuice,
zenning out with weed, nicotine, & greasy food,
leaving room in the belly, though, for emcees to chew.
..this is whipped cream topped butterscotch pudding,
steak, potatoes, summer squash cooking,
smoke rings ringing bells bout Saturn’s rings.
frequently these thought frequencies keep scattering.

fanny pack stuffed with candy wrappers & Danny’s raps,
so i couldn’t find my Xannie stash in it & can’t relax.
bloodshot green eyes mean-grilling mirrored
back images of myself made it clearer.
dank blends of indica-sativa in the AM,
since cannabinoids battle noise in my brain stem.
eyes dilated, hydrated chugging gasoline,
’til my battery’s fully back to its capacity.
pot smoke tingling my fucking nostrils;
finger-licking White Widow grown in Colorado.
my past fucked my ass up. had to let go,
now i find sacramental value in a pad & pencil.
feel the aura of the epileptic sorcerer.
they say i’m fucking weird & severely bipolar,
deformed since i was born or before then.
but y’all are far too normal for importance, so


from Hypomanic Carnival LP, released October 12, 2018
Written, recorded, produced, & mixed by Scatterboxx.


all rights reserved



Scatterboxx Boston, Massachusetts

lyricist, multigenre producer, emcee, musician, sound designer, audio engineer, Electribe wizard, artist of sorts, weirdo.

1/2 of Hz of the Heart (AKA Sidestep Complex) with Elizabeth Anaya Sheils.

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