Basquiat [featuring Liz Anaya Sheils]

from by Scatterboxx



Track 1 off 'Hypomanic Carnival'.

Features Liz Anaya Sheils on violin.



the animal’s back.
mandible no longer in tangible tact.
a mannequin mechanically zapped. yo my sanity snapped.
so i panicked, went manic,
broke through that outlandish contraption, then vanished at last.
i’m Basquiat at a carnival slinging
OxyContin crushed to particles. the snorting sound is audible.
sophisticated gypsy wandering the winter snow.
sip, but save the whiskey, pondering what if you don’t.
life is filled with dirty secrets often kept in Vegas,
so really if you’re getting sloppy seconds, take it.
dark boulevards that aren’t full of cars.
instead filled with stray, but smart wolves & dogs.
i’m talking mad jagged teeth on these savage beasts.
i’m drafting dreams on the back of Mad Magazine.
car sitting still, smoking artistic filth,
while i carve rhythms in the stars with a quill. having
delirium in my Delorean. i’m bored again,
forming forgeries, snorting glass, smashing porcelain.
brain stir crazy, blazing with The First Lady,
cursing at the blood moon, angry ’til the herb sways me.
Danny scribbles mad dope, that’s a fact, ain’t it?
as i craft, painting raps on the black pavement,
half baked & grubbing shrooms, lounging ass naked,
trashed, spacing out to jazz in my dad’s basement.
my music is this: fluid liquid eucalyptus
you dudes can use to trip with,
lucid visions influenced by hallucinogens,
…psychedelically infusing luminousness.
Illuminati got me paranoid & doing business
with the wrong people, now i face crucifixion,
so i’m scarily manic, pacing, with Marilyn
Manson playing, dizzied by these aerosol cans i’m
spraying… my brain disappeared at youth.
…my parents knew but it’s hard the bare the truth.
smokejumping into fires without a parachute,
& barefoot cuz i forgot the right pair of shoes.
what the fuck is wrong with me? hell if i know.
tears turn to curdled blood flooding swelling eyeballs.
fucked up dreams with demons in Gene Simmons’ jacket.
reliving tragic scenes, screaming in madness.
i protect myself how i feel i best can,
but the pressure builds & truthfully i’m stressed, man.
so i kamikaze with the paparazzi peeping
while i flow fury following the Fibonacci Sequence.
i’m off the deep end, dawg, for real, my head is gone.
…i’m thinking prolly by now it’s descended dawn or
stomped to death by the echelon of Genghis Khan, so
finding alive ain’t something that i’d bet upon. i’ve got
leather bondage beneath my fleece sweater on, with my
jaw locked in a muzzle at my favorite restaurant.
i’m half renaissance-man / other half Devil’s spawn.
hexagon splitting when i’m spitting lexicon.

so i’m running faster & faster from the
coming thumbing chapters & not becoming clung to rafters,
but unfortunately due to my attention deficit,
i forgot to finish mapping out the plans for exodus.
so i’m running faster & faster from the
coming thumbing chapters & not becoming clung to rafters,
but unfortunately due to my attention deficit,
i forgot to fi


from Hypomanic Carnival LP, released October 12, 2018
Written, recorded, produced, & mixed by Scatterboxx.

Violin intro written & performed by Liz Anaya Sheils.


all rights reserved



Scatterboxx Boston, Massachusetts

lyricist, multigenre producer, emcee, musician, sound designer, audio engineer, Electribe wizard, artist of sorts, weirdo.

1/2 of Hz of the Heart (AKA Sidestep Complex) with Elizabeth Anaya Sheils.

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